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2018-02-05 MOFA to start issuing next-generation e-Passports on February 5
2018-01-12 Taiwan , Austria youth working holiday quota increased to 75
2017-11-08 Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan) reminds applicants not to apply for eVisa through business website not affiliated with the government.
2017-10-16 MOFA announces trial of visa-free treatment for Philippine nationals
2017-07-12 MOFA announces reciprocal visa-free treatment between Republic of China (Taiwan) and Republic of Paraguay effective July 12
2017-07-03 Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) of the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched 3-D secure authentication and added reminder messages in eVisa application system on July 3, 2017.2017/7/3
2017-06-01 ROC government extends eVisa scheme to businesspeople from Iran and six South Asian nations
2017-06-01 ROC government eases visa rules for nationals of Bhutan and Sri Lanka
2017-06-01 ROC government expands Travel Authorization Certificate eligibility for nationals of New Southbound Policy target countries
2017-05-31 ROC government expresses condolences to victims and families of Manchester terror attack
2017-05-23 MOFA grateful to ROC diplomatic allies, partner countries for staunch support of Taiwan’s 2017 WHA participation
2017-05-17 Trial of visa-free treatment for Philippine nationals will be announced in September
2017-04-14 Taiwan, Philippines bolster law enforcement cooperation in fisheries
2017-04-14 MOFA announces further easing of visa rules for countries under New Southbound Policy
2017-01-25 MOFA thanks 97 German parliamentarians for support of ROC participation in ICAO
2017-01-25 Response to São Tomé and Príncipe’s re-establishment of diplomatic ties with mainland China
2017-01-25 Taiwan, Finland sign cooperation arrangement on customs fraud
2016-10-13 ROC expands eVisa program
2016-10-04 Taiwan relaxes visa rules for nationals of six ASEAN members and India
2016-10-03 ROC thanks Pope Francis for earthquake condolences, funds