Authentication of signatures and official seals of foreign embassies, consulates, representative offices, stationed in ROC (Taiwan)

Created:2017-08-10Data Source:Bureau Of Consular AffairsCounter:3673

Requirements for the authentication of foreign documents (these requirements may vary depending on the nature and purpose of the documents):

  1. Original documents issued by related foreign embassies, consulates, representative offices stationed in the ROC.(Based on reciprocity, only some types of document issued by foreign embassies, consulates, representative offices in ROC (Taiwan) are accepted.   BOCA has the authority to authenticate or reject.  Normally, translation or true copy documents are not accepted by BOCA.)  
  2. Original documents verified by the ROC Overseas Missions.
  3. One supplementary copy of each verified document for BOCA or MOFA branch offices' record-keeping.
  4. Applicants or their agents required to present original identification papers and one supplementary copy for record-keeping.  If submitted by an agent, an original Letter of Appointment is also required.
  5. The fee for the authentication of each notarized original document is NT$400; for each extra notarized copy it is NT$200, and pick-up is after two working-days. (EX: handing document and paying on Friday morning would mean  pick-up is on Tuesday morning.)
  6. For one-day expedited service, each notarized original document will be charged NT$600 and each extra notarized copy will be charged NT$300.  Pick-up is after one working-day. (EX: handing document and paying on Friday afternoon would mean pick-up is on Monday afternoon.)
  7. Failure to adhere to BOCA or MOFA's branch offices guidelines may prolong the authentication process.
  8. Office hours of consular services: 8:30a.m.-17:00p.m. through the lunch hour from Monday to Friday (except national holidays or typhoon day)