If I want to convert foreign driver’s license into a ROC one, what should I do?

Created:2017-08-10Data Source:Bureau Of Consular AffairsCounter:2117

In accordance with the stipulations of Article 50 of the "Road Traffic Regulations", ROC nationals holding effective foreign driver’s license may apply for ROC license without test only after the foreign driver’s license has been authenticated by either: 1) ROC embassies, consulates, representative offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or 2) foreign institutions in Taiwan that is authorized by it’s government to execute legalization affairs. 
If the foreign driver’s license itself is written in a language other than English, a Chinese translation must be attached. The translation must also be authenticated by the aforementioned overseas ROC government agencies or certified by ROC domestic notaries public or authenticated by the aforementioned foreign institutions in Taiwan.
In other words, if you are a ROC citizen who would like to convert foreign driver’s license into a ROC one, you may either have your foreign driver’s license authenticated by the ROC foreign mission designated with the due consular jurisdiction, or have it legalized by the authorized diplomatic mission in Taiwan representing the country of your residence. However, it is advised that you should contact the Motor Vehicles Office beforehand, since it is at the discretion of Motor Vehicles Office whether the later one is acceptable.

As for foreigners who would like to convert his driver’s license into a ROC one, according the related regulations, under the principal of reciprocity, only the driver’s licenses issued by the states that accept ROC driver’s license conversion to local ones are the applicable. To see if your driver’s license is applicable for the conversion, please contact with Motor Vehicles Office directly.