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Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)


What consular services are provided by MOFA's branch offices in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Chiayi and Hualien?

  • Created:2017-08-10
  • Data Source:Bureau Of Consular Affairs
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  1. Accepting applications for visitor visas: This service is for foreign nationals who need to extend their length of stay in Taiwan in cases of forces majeure or emergencies and thus must apply for or extend visitor visas;
  2. Accepting applications for resident visas;
  3. Providing forms for Letters of Guarantee for Visa Application to the Republic of China, and Letters of Notification for Reviewing the Guarantee Process of Visa Application to the Republic of China, as well as visa application forms (gratis), and providing consultative services concerning the visa-application process;
  4. All documents required for the guarantee process must be submitted to BOCA’s main office in Taipei (3F, 2-2 Jinan Road Sec. 1, Taipei).

The addresses and telephone numbers for the four MOFA's  branch offices are:

  •  Central  Office:

Address: 1F, 503 Li-ming Sec. 2 Road, Taichung City

Tel: (04) 2551-0799

  • Southwestern Office:

 Address: 2 Fl, No.184, Wufeng North Rd, Chiayi city

 Tel: (05) 225-1567

  • Southern Office:

Address: 3rd & 4th FL.,No. 6, Zhengnan St., Kaohsiung City

Tel: (07) 715-6600

  • Eastern Office:

Address: 6F, 371 Jung-shan Road, Hualien City

Tel: (03) 8331-041

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