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Chairperson of the Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian Association Leads a Delegation to Taiwan

  • 發布日期:2011-05-24
  • 發布單位:Bureau Of Consular Affairs
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No. 160 
May 23, 2011

At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian Association will pay a five-day visit to Taiwan on May 22 to 26, 2011. The nine-member delegation is to be led by MP Caroline Szyber, Chairperson of Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian Association. It will consist of six members of the Moderate Party (MP Margareta Palsson, MP Cecilia Magnusson, MP Margareta Cederfelt, MP Magdalena Andersson, MP Margareta B. Kjellin and MP Jan Ericson) and one member of the Green Party (MP Jan Lindholm), who will be accompanied by his wife. 

In addition to strengthening parliamentary diplomacy, the delegation aims to better understand Taiwan’s recent political and economic developments and cross-strait relations. Therefore, it will call on Dr. Wei-jen Hu, Secretary General of the National Security Council, Dr. Shin-Yuan Lai, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council and Mr. Timothy C. T. Yang, Minister of Foreign Affairs. They will also visit the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan ,Government Information Office, Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, Executive Yuan and the Exportradet Taipei, Swedish Trade Council. Legislative Yuan Vice President Yung-Chuan Tseng and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Lyushun Shen will each hold a luncheon in their honor. 

The delegates will also catch a glimpse of traditional Chinese culture by touring the National Palace Museum and the Taoyuan Tea Research and Extension Station and learn more about Taiwan’s key industries by visiting the Xue Xue Institute and the Taipei Neihu Technology Park. 

MP Szyber is a member of the Christian Democratic Party, one of the ruling parties in the current coalition government. She and the other seven parliamentarians from the opposition parties serve in various committees on such issues as justice, education, culture, civil affairs, and health and welfare. For this reason, they are all interested in Taiwan’s social welfare system. This trip also should shed light on Taiwan’s most recent political and economic developments for the delegation members. (E)