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Youth Mobility (The United Kingdom)

  • 發布日期:2022-04-20
  • 發布單位:Bureau Of Consular Affairs
  • 資料點閱次數:10911

Guidelines on Applications for a Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) Resident Visa to the Republic of China (Taiwan) by Citizens of the United Kingdom

  1. Qualification of Applicants
    1. be UK citizens residing in the UK at the time of application;
    2. have never before obtained a YMS resident visa to the Republic of China (Taiwan);
    3. be between 18 and 30 years in age, inclusively;
    4. not planning to be accompanied by dependents during the time in Taiwan; and
    5. have submitted all required documents.
  2. Required documents and fees
    1. completed application form for YM resident visa (signed personally) and application form for the YMS Approval Letter;
    2. a résumé;
    3. a passport valid for a minimum of 1 year at the time of submission;
    4. two 45 x 35 mm in size (1.77 inches long x 1.38 inches wide) color photographs taken within six months prior to application;
    5. proof of travel medical insurance coverage during one’s stay in the Republic of China (Taiwan), which should be valid for at least the first 4 months of the planned stay;
    6. round-trip flight ticket or proof of sufficient funds for the purchase of a return trip;
    7. proof of sufficient financial means, such as traveler’s checks or bank statements to the value of £1600;
    8. the equivalent of US$66 in British pounds for the application fee.
  3. Application Procedures
    1. Applications may be made in person, by an authorised third party or by post.
    2. Applications must be submitted to the London Office or to the Edinburgh Office of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK.
    3. Applicants may be requested to provide additional documents or to be interviewed as necessary.
  4. Type of Visa Issued
    1. Type: Resident Visa 
    2. Duration of stay: 1 year, starting from the day after the date of entry
    3. Converting an R.O.C. (Taiwan) resident visa to an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC): Individuals entering Taiwan on a YMS resident visa must apply for an ARC and a re-entry permit at a National Immigration Agency local service center within 15 days of the day after the date of entry. In accordance with the bilateral agreements between the R.O.C. (Taiwan) and the United Kingdom on the YMS, UK nationals who have been granted a YMS ARC may apply in Taiwan for a work visa or a student visa (undergraduate and above) before their ARC expires.