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ROC government expresses condolences to victims and families of Manchester terror attack

The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) expresses its profound condolences to the victims and their families following the terrorist attack in the city of Manchester on the evening of May 22, which resulted in serious injury and loss of life. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately communicated its deep concern and sympathies to the British Office Taipei and to the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

MOFA swiftly activated emergency response measures, instructing the Taipei Representative Office in the UK to form a response unit, assist in ensuring the safety of ROC nationals, overseas compatriots and Taiwanese students, and maintain close contact with British security agencies. MOFA and its relevant overseas missions will continue to monitor developments closely and identify any ROC nationals who may have been affected by the incident. Updates will be published as and when information becomes available so as to keep nationals abreast of this developing incident.

MOFA also calls on ROC nationals in the United Kingdom and Europe to be mindful of their safety, and to inform their families of their status at the earliest possible opportunity. The Bureau of Consular Affairs has established a webpage, accessible via its website at, enabling overseas ROC nationals to leave messages confirming their safety.

MOFA reminds all nationals visiting the UK for tourism, study or business to be mindful of their safety at all times, and to avoid crowded places. Any ROC national in the UK requiring urgent assistance should call the Taipei Representative Office in the UK via its emergency hotline at 07768 938765. Relatives or friends in Taiwan can also seek assistance by calling MOFA’s emergency hotline at 0800 085095.