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Passports for Male Nationals

1.Passports issued within the ROC’s territory to draftees (aged between 19 and 36) and draftees-to-be (aged between 16 and 18)shall be valid for less than five years.

2.When males who went abroad before draft age apply for passport renewal before December 31 of the year they turn 18, the new passport shall be valid for less than three years. After January 1 of the year they turn 19, draftees studying abroad who meet the provisions of the Enforcement Rules of the Act on Military Service and the Regulations Governing the Draftee Affairs for Exit can renew their passports valid for three years after verifying their enrollment certificates or school admissions requiring that they enroll within three months. Applicants fulfilling the criteria in this category may be issued a passport with three years of validity each time.

3.If the passports of draftees-to-be and draftees who have already gone abroad expire and do not meet the regulations of the preceding paragraph for renewal, Overseas Missions may issue them passports valid for one year to enter the ROC.

4.Overseas applicants may apply for ordinary passport with validity of 10 years if meeting one of the following conditions:
(1) Those who exited the ROC before December 31 of the year they were fifteen years of age and have not returned since then; or
(2) Those who have obtained overseas Chinese status (僑居身分加簽) and have not yet been conscripted; or
(3) Those who have already performed their military service.

For more detailed information, please contact BOCA in Taipei or ROC Overseas Missions.