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West Asia Area

Embassies and Missions Abroad Consular District
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia excluding West Province, West-Southern Province, Madinah, and Makkah.,also cover Afghanistan、Qatar、Pakistan、Yemen、Ethiopia、Djibouti、Sudan。
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Office West Province, West-Southern Province, Madinah, and Makkah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia。
Commercial Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Amman, Jordan Jordan,also cover Syria、Lebanon、Egypt、Iraq、Libya。
Taipei Commercial Representative Office in the State of Kuwait Kuwait。
Taipei Trade Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain Bahrain。
Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara, Turkey Turkey,also cover Northern Cyprus、Kazakhstan、Uzbekistan、Turkmenistan、Kyrgyzstan、Tajikistan、Georgia。
The Commercial Office of Taipei, Dubai, U.A.E. United Arab Emirates,also cover Iran、Somalia、Eritrea。
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel Aviv, Israel Israel,also cover Palestine。
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Oman Oman。
Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission Russia,also cover Georgia、Azerbaijan、Armenia、Kazakhstan、Uzbekistan、Turkmenistan、Kyrgyzstan、Tajikistan、Belarus、Ukraine、Moldova。
Taipei Trade and Economic Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Mongolia。